Welcome! Thank you for your interest in the Asia-Pacific Society for Alcohol and Addiction Research (APSAAR) and for you visit to our website

APSAAR was established in October 2007 in Kyoto, Japan, and officially began operations on January 1, 2008. The foundation committee established the Society’s Mission and Bylaws and its affiliation as a regional Society of the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA). ISBRA will be holding its next Congress in our region in 2018, in Kyoto. Membership of APSAAR accredits your application for ISBRA membership without further assessment.

APSAAR currently has members from 17 countries and territories and is constantly aiming to expand its base. Members reside in countries in our region, or have interests or links to the Asia Pacific whilst working elsewhere. This diversity of membership is one of our great strengths: we work hard to maintain and expand it. To facilitate and promote interactions and collaborations among our members we hold APSAAR conferences biennially in the years between ISBRA congresses. These rotate through our member countries and regions; past conferences have been in Seoul, Korea, 2009; Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 (postponed from 2011); Shanghai, China, 2014 (postponed from 2013); and Sydney, Australia, 2015. Please go to the Congress tab for reports. The 2017 meeting will be in Taipei, Taiwan. A link can be found on the home page.

The goal of APSAAR is to improve the quality of life of people in the Asia-Pacific region through extensive and constructive research on alcohol and addiction problems. Please go to the Mission tab for an outline of how we try to achieve this outcome. I encourage all researchers on addiction problems in the Asia-Pacific, including those based elsewhere who have links to the region, to actively participate in and support APSAAR. The link can be found via the Membership tab. If you are not yet a member please apply to join us, and encourage your colleagues as well!

Peter Dodd, PhD